Our consulting concept covers all central services in the areas of management, design, production and sales:

• Market, customer structure and product analysis
• Sales strategies and tasks
• Tool requests and purchase
• Tool design, construction
• Process optimization in production

We offer a comprehensive assessment of risks and opportunities risks in the market. We are interested in optimized processes and economical solutions that lead to excellent product quality.


Complex customer requirements, deadline pressure, lack of manpower, technically immature concepts, bottlenecks and disruptions in the project process, lack of project controlling, non-existent fault management, wrong decisions and management problems. We counter this with professional project management and crisis-proven troubleshooting - developed from the many years of management, consulting and project experience in the tool industry. We see ourselves as coaches, problem and crisis managers - wherever there are unclear objectives, ineffective processes and acute bottlenecks.

• Fast and well-founded problem and cause analysis
• Development of practical solutions with a view to functionality, quality and efficiency
• Support in the consistent implementation

Project Management

We understand ourselves as experienced project managers acting on behalf of you. We manage and accompany your projects from the project draft to a successful implementation.

• Project definition and planning
• Project steeringl and monitoring
• Project controlling
• Project optimization and setup of routines

Tool Construction

We are happy to assist you in the procurement of prototype and series tools. In co-operation with our partners, we take over the handling of the project and supply you with tools that meet your requirements on time. Our network of experienced tool shops, coupled with our many years of experience, offer you tools in high quality. We realize tools according to field of application and different technologies, such as:

• multi-component injection molding
• Gas/ water assisted injection molding
• Tandem-/stackmolds
• Overmolding of electronic components
• Back-injection of foils or textile
• Aluminum die-cast

Variotherm injection molding

Since 2016 we offer tools with Variotherm technology. By targeted heating and cooling of the tool components, we are in a position to produce parts without visible weld lines. This allows cost savings by eliminating reworking or further processes (e.g., painting). Through various projects with well-known customers from the automotive industry, we can advise you in this regard and show solutions with the Variothermic injection molding.